2010 - who is going?

Annual Outdoor Music Festival

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2010 - who is going?

Post by coldblood »

I know I am. I am dragging lee with me as well.
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Re: 2010 - who is going?

Post by JymmyZ »

I'm making the trek from out East again this year. Third time going from out here, but I'm guessing it'll be the last for at least a year, or more. I'm bringing my gf and we've gotten some very strong positive interest from two other good friends from out here, so we might be bringing two virgins with us.

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Re: 2010 - who is going?

Post by .miaou »

If I somehow get extra money, I'll come. Otherwise...like the past few years, I'll be hosting the Too Cool for Shambhala party...

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Re: 2010 - who is going?

Post by smilie_gurl »

oh my god Aly you must come!!! that would be soooo rad! do it!!
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Re: 2010 - who is going?

Post by Cubed »

I'm going. Just goin for the 4 days tho. Need to keep my vacation days for a bigger trip next year :) can't wait though
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Re: 2010 - who is going?

Post by sicadelik »

I shall also be there 5 years running though it should be more like 9 lol. Good to know your comming out again Grant looking forward to seeing you.
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